Hashtag Strategies in The Pharma Space

They’re also a powerful marketing tool that can be used strategically. But there’s a lot to think about when you’re a pharma brand choosing which hashtags to use in your content.

How Pharma Can Leverage Facebook Health Support Groups

Whether newly diagnosed or having a condition for decades, whether a chronic or curable condition, patients are looking for information and to connect with others – and more than ever they are doing this in Facebook groups.

Community Management In A Regulated Environment

Before you even consider the effects and implications of regulations, and of reputational concerns, it’s important to be aware of the four core components of a successful community management program.

Organic Social Sharing Opportunities

As social media continues to evolve to meet the everyday needs of users, website owners are faced with the same challenge: how to provide users relevant information and a quick, seamless experience.

Client FYI: How Facebook Changes are Impacting Pharma Marketers

This POV continually updates as relevant news hits. Executive Summary: With recent Facebook news, we want to assure clients that…

Gen Alpha: What Marketers Should Know About How Today’s Children Use Technology

Today’s 6-year-olds enjoy coloring and blocks. They can also probably use a tablet and its corresponding apps better than most adults. They speak to Amazon’s Alexa as if she is a close friend and when they need information, the first place they turn is the Internet (rather than a parent).

Why Mobile Customization is Key in Pharma Advertising

Most healthcare brands are now making mobile a priority. Recently there are even more reasons to do so, as well as ways to make this channel work for you to better engage HCP audiences. This POV will review why mobile is important for your brand and list ways to harness the medium for your brand goals.

Client FYI: How Facebook Changes are Impacting Pharma Marketers

No doubt you’ve been seeing a lot of news about Facebook this week, including stories about use of the company’s collected data and changes to the algorithm. This POV will address the latest news and how it may impact pharma marketers.

The Benefits and Possibilities of Pre-Roll for Pharma

When Google bought YouTube in 2006 its main focus was figuring out how to monetize the influx of all the videos being uploaded at an ever increasing rate on the platform. One of the methods for capitalizing on video consumption was display advertising, specifically pre-roll.