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Social Listening – Why the pandemic is sparking new use cases for an underutilized tool

Excerpt from eMarketer July 2020 edition

How People Consume Streaming Media Today and What it Means for Healthcare Marketers

Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, streaming TV was already up 70% YoY and it was projected that 82% of households would be connected TV households by 2023. But now, the new numbers are truly astonishing.

The Rise of the Social Influencer in Healthcare

You cannot log into Instagram, scroll through TikTok, watch videos on YouTube, livestreams on Twitch or get updates from Twitter without running into an influencer. The ability to influence the masses through social media has become an extremely marketable skillset.

White Paper

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Social Listening Learnings: A COVID-19 Monthly Report

CMI/Compas’ Social Listening Report is a monthly study of Consumer and HCP insights relating to COVID-19 across search and social.

WeChat: Social-Based Healthcare in the Chinese Market

WeChat is fast becoming the #1 online healthcare destination in China, and with Tencent partnering with more and more US-based companies to grow its healthcare offerings, WeChat has now become an essential platform to consider if your brand has plans to launch in this market.

Hashtag Strategies in The Pharma Space

They’re also a powerful marketing tool that can be used strategically. But there’s a lot to think about when you’re a pharma brand choosing which hashtags to use in your content.

How Pharma Can Leverage Facebook Health Support Groups

Whether newly diagnosed or having a condition for decades, whether a chronic or curable condition, patients are looking for information and to connect with others – and more than ever they are doing this in Facebook groups.

Community Management In A Regulated Environment

Before you even consider the effects and implications of regulations, and of reputational concerns, it’s important to be aware of the four core components of a successful community management program.

Organic Social Sharing Opportunities

As social media continues to evolve to meet the everyday needs of users, website owners are faced with the same challenge: how to provide users relevant information and a quick, seamless experience.