Say hello to Google Analytics 4

The next generation of the popular site analytics platform, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), has machine learning at its core and addresses key industry changes in privacy, applies event-based measurement modeling and offers enhanced multi-device customer journey tracking.

Apple’s Rumored Search Engine and the Impact of the Google Anti-Trust Lawsuit

A new search engine is on the horizon. According to multiple news sources, Apple is looking to develop their own search engine. Most speculate this is directly due to an antitrust lawsuit that involves Google.

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Healthcare’s Guide to Understanding E-A-T

Healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers depend on Google to find accurate and authentic information when searching online. To ensure that these users receive the correct information, Google uses what it calls ‘E-A-T’ (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) guidelines.

How TV Placements Impact Search Strategies 

Broadcast advertising and search engine marketing are two of a brand’s most powerful marketing tools today and are exponentially stronger when utilized together.

Leaning into SEO During a Pandemic

In response to the “new normal” during this pandemic, many marketing teams have explored how they can modify practices to better engage audiences. This innovative disruption has been very necessary because of several factors, including changing customer behavior, an increasingly cluttered environment, social unrest and economic impact/changing budgets.

Using SEO Data to Identify A/B Testing Opportunities

A/B testing is a great strategy that allows marketers to compare two variables of a tactic to see which one performs better. This method helps gather data on which levers drive higher conversions and helps make data-driven decisions for future optimizations, leading to an improved marketing strategy.

Why Eco-Friendly Websites Are the Future & How You Can Stay Ahead of The Curve

What can you do to lower your website’s emissions? Website traffic and average page views are important metrics for any business, but with a few small changes you can improve your website’s carbon footprint and even positively impact your bottom line.

YouTube Channel and Content

Implementing SEO best practices is essential to succeed on YouTube. As the platform continues to grow and as consumers/patients, caregivers and healthcare providers consume more information, it’s important to ensure content and technical best practices are implemented by your SEO team to expand the potential of your video assets.

The Value of FAQ Pages for SEO

FAQ pages are a great way to improve user experience. An easy-to-find page for your target audience’s commonly asked questions, a FAQ page, can serve as a hub for consumers and HCPs who are unsure where to find specific information, as well as a great tactic for improving your website’s rankings.