The Value of FAQ Pages for SEO

FAQ pages are a great way to improve user experience. An easy-to-find page for your target audience’s commonly asked questions, a FAQ page, can serve as a hub for consumers and HCPs who are unsure where to find specific information, as well as a great tactic for improving your website’s rankings.

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Social Listening Learnings: A COVID-19 Weekly Report

CMI/Compas’ Social Listening Report is a weekly study of Consumer and HCP insights relating to COVID-19 across search and social.

Updating Rel=Nofollow and Why Pharma Marketers Should Care

In the following sections we’ll introduce you to what the “rel=nofollow” attribute and link equity are.

Crafting Content That Ranks

When launching a new treatment or medical device one of the top things to consider is how people will become aware of it. Search is a primary way that people access and learn new information, so it’s key that brands prioritize their organic search strategy.

Google’s Removal of Average Position & How it Will Affect Your Campaigns

Google recently announced that it plans to sunset the average position metric within Google Ads in September 2019. Average position is a performance metric that tells advertisers in what order their ad appears on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) in relation to other advertisers.

The Rise of Voice Search: What Pharma Brands Need to Do Now

Today, 1 out of every 5 searches is a voice search. Yet, many brands are not set up to take advantage of the rising growth in voice search. Thankfully there are a set of optimization efforts that can be implemented to put your brand in the forefront and capture the real estate across all forms of voice search.

AdBlocking, Search and Social Media – What Pharma Marketers Should do Today

Ad blocking has emerged as a central issue that will affect all publishers and agencies, providing unique challenges to overcome in 2017 and beyond. Working in the healthcare industry, the effects of ad blocking are especially magnified as our target audiences are more specialized and harder to reach than a traditional consumer media audience. And ad blocking doesn’t just affect digital display ads – there is an impact in search and social media as well. Through a series of discussions with media partners and reviews of published studies, CMI/Compas has identified common precursors to ad blocking and how some publishers are looking to combat it. This POV will explore the steps pharma marketers should be taking now to ensure their brands are minimally affected by ad blocking.

Google Changes to Ad Rank and What Action Pharma Marketers Should Take

It was announced this week that Google’s Ad Rank thresholds would be updating through the end of May. As a result, performance metrics like Cost Per Click (CPC) and Average Position could potentially be impacted. The CMI Search team is reviewing all client campaigns to institute adjustments. This POV addresses what changed and how we should be responding.

Contextual Search Advertising for Pharma

It is common for healthcare professionals, consumers and caretakers to search online for health-related information. While SEM helps engage many of these hand-raisers, enabling a targeted push-marketing tactic, like contextual advertising, helps even more to shape preferences and garner a favorable action. This POV will review what contextual advertising is and how pharma can harness its power.