Is It Time to Invest in OOH?

While advertising in all verticals has seen dramatic budget shifts, the fall in out of home advertising spend has been unprecedented. As America heads back to work, some of those telehealth appointments turn back into in-person appointments, and as undoubtedly people will begin socializing again, we have the opportunity to think strategically how we might adjust our OOH investment as part of our broader media mix.

Planning for a Post-Cookie Future

Digital advertising is changing. Third party cookies and mobile device IDs, trackers used to build a $100B ecosystem, are about to be discontinued without a universal alternative to replace them. Let’s dive deeper into how we arrived here, what likely short- and long-term outcomes look like, and what smart marketers can do to prepare for the changes.  

Strategic Media Planning: Addressing Misconceptions and Highlighting Best Practices for Successful Engagement in Pharma Marketing

This POV will address common misconceptions in media planning and show how a strategic approach can make media planning one of the most important tools in marketing.

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Why Your Audiences Will Thank You for Buying Programmatically

Delivering ads to the right audience with no waste is a home run, and programmatic buying is the star player that can help make it happen. In this brand new thought piece, Media Director Brian Werner explains how programmatic buying has become a critical tool to engaging professional and consumer audiences, and shares what you need to know about the technology.

Why Your Audiences Will Thank You for Buying Programmatically

Overview I want my life to be about me. That may sound selfish, but like everyone I know, I’m busy…

Pharma Hotlist: DSPs

In an ongoing series, Q&A sessions with experts from CMI/Compas explore what pharma needs to know about the latest trends…

The DAA and AdChoices Logo and How it Affects Campaigns

Background Ever wonder why you see banner ads for shoes just after you’ve casually browsed a few pairs on …

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Big Data: Programmatic Possibilities

An enormous amount of data is being generated by consumers, and a super-tiny fraction of it is being analyzed by marketers. EVP, Innovations Michael Konowicz shares big ideas and possibilities from Big Data.

Mobile Ad Network Targeting Prescribers Launches

Background: Yesterday, Physicians Interactive launched a mobile advertising network targeting healthcare professionals, called Tomorrow Network. This is the first mobile…