COVID Fatigue & Social Listening: Taking a Qualitative Approach to Consumer Trends

Over the past weeks and months, the term “COVID fatigue” has been at the top of headlines; the idea that the public is so incredibly tired of a constant state of quarantine that they have moved past or just become exhausted by the idea of the pandemic.

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HCP Key Online Influencer vs. Key Opinion Leader

As the rise of health care professionals’ (HCPs) presence on social media continues to increase, new generations of influencers are evolving and entering the HCP space. Now, more than ever, the world turns to social media for knowledge sharing around health needs, which is increasing the demand for doctors’ expertise online.

The Next Generation of Sales Reps

Due to the pandemic, the pharma sales force may never be the same. In our annual Media Vitals survey, we learned that only 41% of MD/DOs see pharmaceutical sales reps without any restrictions.

Impact of COVID-19 on In-Office Marketing 

The international impact of COVID-19 has majorly altered interactions between patients and healthcare providers. Healthcare consumers were forced to change their normal medical routines, and healthcare providers were faced with the challenge of how to adapt.

How Healthcare Marketers Can Harness the Power of Podcasts

Listeners throughout the world turn to podcasts for entertainment and education. The wide array of engaging topics cover even the most niche interests and are conveniently tailored to busy lifestyles, allowing a user to listen where and when they want.

Going Beyond the Pill and Into the Story

Healthcare in the United States is a microcosm of our complex society—de-centralized structure, abundance of information, hard to fully understand when looking for quotidian solutions to common problems.

Telehealth IRL: Important Offerings and Approaches in the Pipeline

COVID-19 has driven 10 years of innovation and change into a 4-month window. The adoption of new technology has accelerated as people are forced to work from home and adopt their lifestyle to a new norm. When it comes to healthcare, with limitations on in-person patient and physician opportunities, telehealth has specifically seen a significant upturn in its adoption.

The Rise of the Social Influencer in Healthcare

You cannot log into Instagram, scroll through TikTok, watch videos on YouTube, livestreams on Twitch or get updates from Twitter without running into an influencer. The ability to influence the masses through social media has become an extremely marketable skillset.

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CMI/Compas Guidance to Pharma Marketers During COVID-19 Recovery

Nearly four months after the outbreak, as new COVID-19 cases appear to stabilize, all 50 U.S. states have taken steps towards reopening. “Back to normal” as we once knew it may never be achieved, but instead a reimagined new normal will help move us forward.