How Net Neutrality May Affect Pharma Marketing

With the recent news about the FCC’s decision to repeal Net Neutrality laws dominating the headlines, many are left wondering…

The Benefits and Possibilities of Pre-Roll for Pharma

When Google bought YouTube in 2006 its main focus was figuring out how to monetize the influx of all the videos being uploaded at an ever increasing rate on the platform. One of the methods for capitalizing on video consumption was display advertising, specifically pre-roll.

Triggered Messaging for Pharma

What if we could make a smarter investment by continuing to engage physicians who have shown interest in our content? Now, we can! This is known as Triggered Messaging.

Right Place at the Right Time: Dynamic Content Ads in Healthcare Marketing

Background: Digital advertising in the HCP space typically consists of developing standard HTML5 banners with one or two calls to…

HTTPS Spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S

As the digital age evolves, and technology becomes more influential, security becomes a top priority for users. Exploring the web safely is top of mind for a lot people, especially as they become accustomed to sharing sensitive information. Google understands this need and how it applies to users who depend on natural search listings to find information online. That is why in August of 2014, Google announced that it would be adding site encryption status as a SEO ranking signal to its complex algorithm. This means that it would favor HTTPS sites over their HTTP counterparts.

The Virtual Patient: How VR, AR and Other Technologies Are Set to Change Healthcare

Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are among the hottest topics in the marketing world today, and with good reason – the possibilities to engage audiences in new ways are enticing. Pharma can and has been utilizing these technologies and we’re only at the beginning. This POV will explore the emerging virtual patient and how healthcare marketers can engage HCPs and patients alike.

White Paper


Importance of Considering Podcasts in the Media Mix

Knowledge and usage of podcasts, especially among consumer audiences, has continued to grow, yet sponsorship opportunities for healthcare brands remain limited. As partners begin to integrate ad options into their platforms, brands should consider these programs to deliver messaging to engaged audiences and benefit from the strong relationships podcast hosts have cultivated with their followers. This Whitepaper will review podcast consumption habits and the options available to pharma brands to incorporate this into their future media mix.

Google Launches Demographic-Based Targeting for Search Campaigns

Executive Summary New demographic targeting capabilities through Google now allows advertisers to better utilize Google data to refine marketing efforts….

The Rise of Chatbots & Their Application In Pharma

Executive Summary Advances in technology, coupled with human demand and desire, intersect at points that we like to call “innovation.”…