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CES 2018-A Report from CMI/Compas and WPP Health & Wellness

Health and technology collide today more than ever. Thought leaders from CMI/Compas and WPP Health & Wellness attended the CES 2018 show to bring you all that is emerging and changing in health and tech. This report offers you a look at the announcements, innovations, and excitement from the CES show plus our perspectives on what it all means for pharma marketers.

The HCP Generational Divide – ThinkWell Vol. 2

While much work has been done to understand the generational differences of consumers, very little has been done to focus on the generational differences of healthcare professionals (HCPs), specifically of physicians. Today, the physician generational divide is more important than ever, as Generation X overtakes baby boomers as the largest group of practicing physicians, and as more Generation Y doctors emerge into the workforce. Within each population, it is also important to note an increasingly higher gap closure between the gender divide—with Generation Y having a nearly 1:1 female-to-male ratio, while boomers show only a 1:3 ratio.

How Net Neutrality May Affect Pharma Marketing

With the recent news about the FCC’s decision to repeal Net Neutrality laws dominating the headlines, many are left wondering…

The Benefits and Possibilities of Pre-Roll for Pharma

When Google bought YouTube in 2006 its main focus was figuring out how to monetize the influx of all the videos being uploaded at an ever increasing rate on the platform. One of the methods for capitalizing on video consumption was display advertising, specifically pre-roll.

Bumper Ads for Pharma

As multimedia advertising continues to advance, Google recently launched a new format to target users at the start of YouTube videos, similar to pre-roll ads. Bumper ads are 6 second videos which provide reach and have been shown to drive greater brand recall in a mobile-first world. Per Google’s studies on the effectiveness of bumper ads, they drove 30% higher ad recall than in-stream ads.

Triggered Messaging for Pharma

What if we could make a smarter investment by continuing to engage physicians who have shown interest in our content? Now, we can! This is known as Triggered Messaging.

Facebook Debuts Messenger Ads: What Pharma Marketers Should Know

Background Facebook is expanding onto the home screen of its instant messaging app, Messenger. This new placement allows advertisers to reach…

Right Place at the Right Time: Dynamic Content Ads in Healthcare Marketing

Background: Digital advertising in the HCP space typically consists of developing standard HTML5 banners with one or two calls to…

The Rise of Voice Search: What Pharma Brands Need to Do Now

Today, 1 out of every 5 searches is a voice search. Yet, many brands are not set up to take advantage of the rising growth in voice search. Thankfully there are a set of optimization efforts that can be implemented to put your brand in the forefront and capture the real estate across all forms of voice search.