COVID Fatigue & Social Listening: Taking a Qualitative Approach to Consumer Trends

Over the past weeks and months, the term “COVID fatigue” has been at the top of headlines; the idea that the public is so incredibly tired of a constant state of quarantine that they have moved past or just become exhausted by the idea of the pandemic.

Apple’s Rumored Search Engine and the Impact of the Google Anti-Trust Lawsuit

A new search engine is on the horizon. According to multiple news sources, Apple is looking to develop their own search engine. Most speculate this is directly due to an antitrust lawsuit that involves Google.

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Analyzing The Upfronts: A Guide to 2020/21 Podcasts

The overall themes of the IAB Podcast Upfronts revolve around the need to cultivate audience engagement in order to tell a brand’s story at a deeper level.

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HCP Key Online Influencer vs. Key Opinion Leader

As the rise of health care professionals’ (HCPs) presence on social media continues to increase, new generations of influencers are evolving and entering the HCP space. Now, more than ever, the world turns to social media for knowledge sharing around health needs, which is increasing the demand for doctors’ expertise online.

Is It Time to Invest in OOH?

While advertising in all verticals has seen dramatic budget shifts, the fall in out of home advertising spend has been unprecedented. As America heads back to work, some of those telehealth appointments turn back into in-person appointments, and as undoubtedly people will begin socializing again, we have the opportunity to think strategically how we might adjust our OOH investment as part of our broader media mix.

Planning for a Post-Cookie Future

Digital advertising is changing. Third party cookies and mobile device IDs, trackers used to build a $100B ecosystem, are about to be discontinued without a universal alternative to replace them. Let’s dive deeper into how we arrived here, what likely short- and long-term outcomes look like, and what smart marketers can do to prepare for the changes.  

The Next Generation of Sales Reps

Due to the pandemic, the pharma sales force may never be the same. In our annual Media Vitals survey, we learned that only 41% of MD/DOs see pharmaceutical sales reps without any restrictions.

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The Continual Rise of Gaming​

The gaming industry has been gaining more influence over global culture year after year. With over 2.1B gamers worldwide, the industry is reshaping media consumption, embracing innovation, and grabbing the attention of advertising/tech giants around the world. ​

All Ears for Digital Audio

2020 marks the year that digital audio finally surpassed the usage of traditional radio primarily due to the pandemic and the new normal being remote working from home full time.