The Value of FAQ Pages for SEO

FAQ pages are a great way to improve user experience. An easy-to-find page for your target audience’s commonly asked questions, a FAQ page, can serve as a hub for consumers and HCPs who are unsure where to find specific information, as well as a great tactic for improving your website’s rankings.

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A Deep Dive into Upfronts and Newfronts for Healthcare Brands

Although looking quite different this year, Upfronts and Newfronts gave a preview of the new products and content they’re introducing to reach key audiences.

The Rise of the Social Influencer in Healthcare

You cannot log into Instagram, scroll through TikTok, watch videos on YouTube, livestreams on Twitch or get updates from Twitter without running into an influencer. The ability to influence the masses through social media has become an extremely marketable skillset.

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CMI/Compas Guidance to Pharma Marketers During COVID-19 Recovery

Nearly four months after the outbreak, as new COVID-19 cases appear to stabilize, all 50 U.S. states have taken steps towards reopening. “Back to normal” as we once knew it may never be achieved, but instead a reimagined new normal will help move us forward.

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Social Listening Learnings: A COVID-19 Weekly Report

CMI/Compas’ Social Listening Report is a weekly study of Consumer and HCP insights relating to COVID-19 across search and social.

WeChat: Social-Based Healthcare in the Chinese Market

WeChat is fast becoming the #1 online healthcare destination in China, and with Tencent partnering with more and more US-based companies to grow its healthcare offerings, WeChat has now become an essential platform to consider if your brand has plans to launch in this market.

Maintaining a Conference Media Strategy During COVID-19

COVID-19 has truly changed the conferences and events landscape, with many being canceled, postponed or moved to a virtual format. This does not mean, however, that promotional opportunities have gone away; in fact, there are many ways to utilize digital promotion tactics to reach HCPs where and when they prefer.

Transactional to Experiential: The Evolution of Pharma Marketing

Technology is rapidly changing the way we think about and execute marketing. In the last few years, we have seen profound disruptions in social interactions, cultural dissemination, development and processing of knowledge or skills, and the modes in which all those things get transmitted. All these changes have had a direct impact on marketing.

TV Synchronized Media

Before diving into determining whether TV synchronized media would help achieve your brand objectives, it’s important to first ground ourselves in understanding what TV synchronized media truly is.