Strategic Media Planning

Fueled by comprehensive knowledge of how market forces impact brand challenges, CMI strategists don't just see what is, but create a vision for what can be. Our media strategy team gets to core issues that identify your best customers, define where the growth potential is, or help stop the bleeding when competitors dominate, then articulate the best use of media to successfully overcome those challenges.

There is no magic bullet for guaranteed success, but having an experienced media strategist define customized solutions will bring order from chaos and aligns scarce resources to work efficiently toward reaching your brand’s goals.


Patient Identification and Programmatic Media Significantly Improve Campaign Efficiency



This oncology brand was in market for 2 years but patient adoption was lagging.

How to efficiently target patients to build trial and consideration of this new, easier-to-use brand?



Use proprietary ByConsumerâ„¢ research, layering patient personas and high-indexing consumer signals to create a custom patient audience, not based on direct disease state targeting but rather on the likelihood of exposure.

Determine most valuable high-writing HCPs to improve probability of patients requesting a switch in their treatment.



Programmatic strategy combined ByConsumerâ„¢ audience targeting with media on non-endemic websites and mobile apps, delivering relevant messages only to targeted patients in the US.

CMI prioritized the campaign to specific zip codes by matching the brand’s HCP target list to potential patient locations.

This data helped improve our search bid strategies, enabling a spend increase in the specific markets that provided the best opportunity for business growth.



Reached in 2 weeks

70% of the audience had been reached within an astonishing 2 weeks of launch, delivering de-duplicated reach and frequency goals in weeks, not months.

lower cpm

Targeting a person, rather than a media property, yielded 73% lower CPM and 81% lower CPC. This delivered efficiency at unparalleled scale.


Exceptional Patient Proxies

ByConsumerâ„¢ analysis created exceptional patient proxies that enabled this oncology brand to cost-effectively reach only relevant patient targets.