Programmatic Media Buying

CMI’s integrated audience platform enables us to understand, segment, and deploy against both patient and professional audiences, across all channels and devices. 

We believe that great programmatic programs consist of three main components:  great data and audience strategy, great platforms, and a great team.  CMI has developed a world-class team of in-house programmatic experts who are responsible for all aspects of planning, managing, and optimizing programmatic campaigns utilizing programmatic buying platforms (DSPs). Our team selects DSP platforms based on each client’s unique goals and objectives—and our deep knowledge of the programmatic tools and platforms.  Our approach is to manage programmatic media buying via our in-house team, utilizing leading proprietary and third party DSPs, and layering on both first party and leading third party audience segments.  We employ a mix of open auction, private auction, and programmatic guaranteed buys in our programmatic media mix.