Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) presents pharmaceutical brands with a significant opportunity to engage with hand raisers. With over 90% of clicks going to organic listings, brands that stay on the cutting edge of SEO can capture searchers and deliver them the right key messages. It’s important to note that SEO should be looked across more than just your brand website. A holistic approach to SEO that expands into your social profiles, third party publisher relationships, and other owned web properties presents the best opportunity to ensure searchers reach your brand message.

CMI’s SEO team uses proprietary tools that provide insight into healthcare professionals, patient and caregiver search habits. By understanding the differences in the way HCPs search versus consumers, we can work alongside creative agencies to develop content that directly matches up with your target audience’s needs.

Our SEO team focuses on three main areas to help improve organic rankings: Technical SEO, Content and generating social shares and inbound links. Our technical expertise helps build a foundation for your brand website to ensure Google and Bing web crawlers can find and understand the content on your website using advanced mark-up and other innovative SEO tactics to reach the top spot.

With content continuously increasing in importance, we focus on developing content that aligns with your target audience’s needs. Through keyword research, social listening and our proprietary tools we are able to develop content strategies that prepare patients for discussions with their doctors, and help HCPs access information they need to make prescription decisions and drive traffic.

By looking at pharmaceutical SEO as an evolving, long term plan, you can ensure your DTC- and HCP-focused web properties will be consistently showing in top positions when your audience is activated and searching for your brand and the disease state it treats.

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