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CMI works across your digital marketing channels including owned, earned, and paid media to ensure your target audience is accessing accurate information as efficiently as possible, giving your brand more control and influence over prescription decisions.

How people access information when moving along their health and wellness journey is changing. Whether it’s mobile or desktop, video or text, your brand needs to control how audiences engage with your message. By looking at your brand presence holistically across search (paid and organic), social media, third party publishers and video content, CMI can help create a positive user experience for your key audience, getting them to the right information they need to move them along their health and wellness journey.


According to 2019/2020 Media Vitals™ research, 76% of HCPs say they utilize search engines at least once a day when they need to access information immediately. 

In the social landscape, HCPs use social networks for many reasons. From thought leadership and connecting with former colleagues to asking others for professional expertise, both open and private social networks are being used by healthcare professionals, providing opportunities for brands to engage, support, and deliver value to HCPs.


Patients most often use search engines and social media websites when experiencing symptoms or researching a disease. Search provides patients and caregivers access to information quickly, helping them understand what is going on with their bodies and providing information about what their doctor prescribed. Health social media networks provide support and a community where they can connect with others who are in similar situations.

With patients becoming more empowered, it is important for health and wellness brands to be present when patients and caregivers search for information. This means optimizing your paid search and SEO campaigns to ensure they can be easily accessed, as well as developing a social media strategy.



Search engine optimization (SEO) presents healthcare brands with a significant opportunity to engage with hand raisers.

paid search


Paid search presents an opportunity to target and engage all health audiences with your brand or the disease state it treats.

social media


Social media has become one of the primary ways our health and wellness is discussed.