Integrated Media

With over 30 years of hands-on experience in healthcare marketing, CMI understands healthcare professional and patient/consumer behavior and the various chains-of-influence that result in pharmaceutical sales. Our business is to create a customized, broad-based, integrated media plan that reaches your target audience and fosters the dialog necessary to change behavior.

As health information seekers shift the way they give and receive healthcare information using search engines, mobile phones and social media, CMI stays ahead of media trends to bring you innovative ways to reach your target audience.


Physicians, consumers, patients, caregivers and payers are all seeking information and guidance that will lead them toward better health outcomes. That’s why we look at the latest technologies alongside traditional media to create a multi-channel approach custom fit to your customers’ needs.


It’s the message, not the medium. But it’s the medium that gets us to your audience. We analyze the campaign’s goals and determine the most valuable mix of media, including traditional and emerging media, from social and mobile to gamification and augmented reality and beyond.