CMI's proprietary research tools provide our media teams with deep audience insights that power sophisticated and targeted media plans guaranteed to reach your most valuable audiences.

Media Mix Optimization
Solomon™ optimizes clients' non-personal promotional spend against their business goals, enhancing media plans by looking at the probability of an HCP engaging with a specific media channel and the historical impact the channel has on Rx behavior.

Syndicated Research

Media Vitals™ is CMI’s proprietary research to provide data and insights about physician-stated media preferences and behaviors and inform how best to reach critical audiences through media and non-personal promotion.

Patient Vitals™ is CMI’s proprietary research to understand the media consumption habits of patients and caregivers across various conditions.

Target Audience Analysis

Checkup™ analysis provides recommendations on non-personal promotion strategy and tactics, as well as budget, appropriate to target audiences depending on their level of awareness, knowledge, and risk tolerance.

OnDemand™ is the rapid response market research survey that provides instant audience insights around key campaign questions.

Pulse™ examines target audience behaviors to uncover specific promotional exposure habits and preferences at the individual audience member level, “on-demand.”

Email Affinity Score™ a proprietary scoring system created by CMI/Compas that is a predictor of potential email engagement for every HCP in the US.

DNA™ +Affinity™ data determines the best promotional channels to target individual HCPs and provide insights into their media consumption patterns for better targeting.