Audience Insights

The path to conversion for both healthcare professional and patient/consumer is revealed through analysis based on user level data, primary research, a full view into the competitive landscape and keeping brand goals as primary drivers. This background enables CMI to define and strategize for segmented, targeted audiences, thus providing a strategic roadmap for multi-channel audience access and activation.

Our Customer Insights team includes dedicated full-time statisticians, analysts, and market researchers who build the backbone of every media plan. Combined with healthcare industry standard tools, our proprietary research gives us the ability to accurately define the audience, understand their motivating factors and ultimately provide insights into behaviors that yield results for our clients.

The health industry’s first, conclusive, people-based data and technology platform built with privacy in mind for customer universe identification, segmentation, media planning, activation, and measurement. It is the centralized integration of both healthcare consumer and prescriber data leveraged by our media experts to find every possible opportunity to connect HCPs and health consumers in their media journey.  


CMI’s proprietary research tools provide our media teams with deep audience insights that power sophisticated and targeted media plans guaranteed to reach your most valuable audiences.

Media Mix Optimization

Solomon™ optimizes clients’ non-personal promotional spend against their business goals, enhancing media plans by looking at the probability of a patient or HCP engaging with a specific media channel and the historical impact the channel has on Rx behavior.

Syndicated Research

Media Vitals™ is CMI’s proprietary research to provide data and insights about patient and physician-stated media preferences and behaviors and inform how best to reach critical audiences through media and non-personal promotion.

Target Audience Analysis

Checkup™ analysis provides recommendations on non-personal promotion strategy and tactics, as well as budget, appropriate to target audiences depending on their level of awareness, knowledge, and risk tolerance.

OnDemand™ is the rapid response market research survey that provides instant audience insights around key campaign questions.

Pulse™ examines target audience behaviors to uncover specific promotional exposure habits and preferences at the individual audience member level, “on-demand.”

Email Affinity Score™ a proprietary scoring system created by CMI/Compas that is a predictor of potential email engagement for every patient and HCP in the US.

DNA™ +Affinity™ data determines the best promotional channels to target individual patients and HCPs and provide insights into their media consumption patterns for better targeting.