Campaign Analysis

CMI's healthcare marketing analytics services team brings accountability to your media program through smart measurement plans linked to business goals, successfully guiding audiences to key messages.

Analytics Guide the Way

CMI’s Customer Investment Analytics (CIA) team is comprised of four divisions that work together to bring true, actionable insights to both the marketing and media of a brand.  Our focus is on understanding and defining the target audience, measuring both how the brand reached the audience, and how they reacted–turning that data into insights to inform business change and future strategy.  

Today’s pharma marketers must do more with less. CMI acts as an advocate for your brand, continually monitoring and optimizing media programs to effectively and cost- efficiently achieve business goals.

Business Insights

The focus of Business Insights is to help clients understand the full story behind the data that is being presented and to shape the recommendations that will drive impactful optimizations for their media.

During the strategic planning process, the BI analyst provides insight into the ideal investment and touchpoints by target segment and channel using our proprietary Solomon tool. They work hand-in-hand with the media teams to translate brand marketing objectives into measurable key performance indicators, determining how, what, and when to measure in order to maintain strategic focus and align resources.

The analysts assigned to a client provide a neutral assessment of how the campaign is performing, providing insight into both what is and what is not working within a campaign.  A holistic view of the brand’s journey is analyzed including touchpoints with the patient, the caregiver, the physician, and the other professionals involved in the care continuum.   

The data is analyzed at the most granular level to ensure optimizations are succinct and meaningful, often taking a test and learn approach.  The focus is on the business outcomes, not just the leading indicators. 

Data Analytics

Transparency and accountability are the focus of the data analytics team.  This team ensures all data is clean and organized for analysis, that data passes back to clients, and that buys are being executed as contracted.  The data team conducts quality assurance checks frequently ensuring accuracy to a campaign, and that all privacy regulations are met related to sensitive data, all with a strong foundation in data manipulation tools such as R, SQL, Python, SAS and data visualization tools such as Tableau and Data Studio.

Investment Analytics & Decision Sciences

The focus of Decisions Sciences is in the use of advanced analytical approaches to help convert business questions into research studies that yield a deeper understanding of audiences and business trends. In collaboration with the Data Analytics and Market Research teams, our experts leverage data predict customer behavior and guide on next best action.

Market Research

The CMI Market Research team provides guidance on the optimal way to reach the target audience for their promotional messages by creating and fielding online surveys of the target audience which ask about clinical practice, attitudes and opinions, and media consumption. 

The outcome of our surveys: