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Immersion is Now: Choose Your Own (Video) Adventure

Last month, we glimpsed the future at CES. How will these amazing launches and buzz-worthy technology affect us in our lives and work? CMI/Compas is part of a new collaboration with other WPP companies and clients that produced a series of articles about trends seen at CES – and the first is by CMI/Compas Associate Director, Social Media, Alexandra Gilson. You can see the entire series here.


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Do We Need a Patient, Consumer or Partnership Mindset?

The latest WPP Health collaboration includes one of the most debated topics in our industry: how we treat the people who use our products. To read the rest of the articles included in ThinkWell Volume 3, go here.

Reprints Still Valued by HCPs

To support busy HCPs, brand marketers must deliver more than just compelling content. Their brands must also create a customer experience that understands their needs and preferences.

Geofencing and Geotargeting: What’s the Difference, And How Can it Work for My Brand?

Geofencing and geotargeting are opportunities for marketers to reach target physicians and patients at key locations. Although these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, geotargeting and geofencing are distinct capabilities.