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Immersion is Now: Choose Your Own (Video) Adventure

Last month, we glimpsed the future at CES. How will these amazing launches and buzz-worthy technology affect us in our lives and work? CMI/Compas is part of a new collaboration with other WPP companies and clients that produced a series of articles about trends seen at CES – and the first is by CMI/Compas Associate Director, Social Media, Alexandra Gilson. You can see the entire series here.


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Do We Need a Patient, Consumer or Partnership Mindset?

The latest WPP Health collaboration includes one of the most debated topics in our industry: how we treat the people who use our products. To read the rest of the articles included in ThinkWell Volume 3, go here.

Filtering Through the Google Noise: What Marketers Need to Know

Recently, there has been a lot of news around Google’s algorithm updates, CCPA and privacy, user data, acquisition of Fitbit, and their overall intention or motivation driving these updates.

Updating Rel=Nofollow and Why Pharma Marketers Should Care

In the following sections we’ll introduce you to what the “rel=nofollow” attribute and link equity are.