Twitter Revises Fundamental Character Limit Rules; How This Affects Pharma Marketers


Twitter has recently removed some of its character limit rules in order to allow for more space in tweets. With these new updates, brands will now be able to enjoy greater flexibility with their tweets. These updates include the following:

These changes are part of Twitter’s plan for users to get more value out of tweets, so that Twitter can become a better platform for live commentary, connections, and conversations. By excluding replies and media attachments from the character count, brands will be able to create more engaging tweets without sacrificing the use of an image, video, @reply, or a destination URL.

What This Means for Brands:

While the new changes on Twitter do not change the regulatory parameters for pharma, they do affect creative limitations. In the past, using a URL or a photo in the Tweet copy would take up 16% off a tweet; using both would take up 32%. Now that brands have more space to utilize in the tweet, they have the ability to say more of interest or even utilize an image or video, whereas they may not have had the room to do so in the past. Tweets with images or videos generate greater interest with users, in turn increasing engagement and performance of tweets. Brands also have the greater ability to provide links to Important Safety Information (ISI) and Prescribing Information (PI) as necessary without sacrificing tweet copy.


Overall, the changes on Twitter are positive for pharma brands. Creatives have more space for copy in tweets, with less concern over including images or videos in those tweets as well. The new changes allow for tweets to be more engaging for target audiences, which as a result will boost tweet performance. CMI recommends utilizing more photo and video content within brand tweets given these greater creative freedoms to help optimize engagement from users.

Should you have additional questions on the changes Twitter is making, please reach out to your CMI team or contact Justin Freid, VP Search Engine Marketing & Emerging Media, at