Mobile Ad Network Targeting Prescribers Launches

Background: Yesterday, Physicians Interactive launched a mobile advertising network targeting healthcare professionals, called Tomorrow Network. This is the first mobile ad network across professional resources for HCPs that is targetable and offers flexible messaging strategies. The ad network, which reaches more than 210,000 healthcare professionals including physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, allows initially demographic targeting of physicians by specialty, and later targeting of their entire list by location and app content. Ad formats include static or scrolling banners in multiple sizes. Tomorrow Network can be combined with other Physicians Interactive products. An analysis by MediaPost can be found here.

Industry Implications: According to Mobihealth news 96% of physicians have smartphones and we expect this channel to be a critical information source for physicians in the future. At 210,000 U.S. prescribers, this mobile ad network has achieved critical mass and represents a viable new entrant in the physician-directed mobile messaging space.

Recommendation: The Physicians Interactive mobile ad network gives pharma companies an opportunity to access physicians through a wide arrange of mobile apps they use on a daily basis and in a number of professional contexts.

The ad units, though small, are designed within fair balance requirements to still offer opportunities for both branded and unbranded campaigns. They accept third-party ad server tags, which will enable to us to traffic, track and measure performance alongside other digital tactics.

The Physicians Interactive mobile ad network will be a good complement to CMI ByDoctor® services, which allows us to match to a target prescriber list.