Google Enhanced Campaigns

Background and Industry Implications: Earlier this week, Google announced a set of changes to how devices (mobile phones, tablets and desktops/laptops) will be targeted through AdWords. While these changes will affect how the CMI search team structures, manages and optimizes our paid search campaigns, the changes will have minimal effect on performance.

The Major Changes:

As more individuals begin to utilize their mobile phones and tablets to search for products and services it is more important than ever to deliver relevant results to them based on their device, time of day and location, to stay competitive. Google Enhanced Campaigns will help deliver ads that are relevant to user intent and context.

Over the next few months, Google will combine device targeting at the campaign level, opting in all advertisers to mobile, tablet and desktop/laptop based advertising.  All current desktop/laptop campaigns will have a mobile component as a default, but advertisers will be able to manually stop ads from showing on mobile devices. Many advertisers already take advantage of mobile advertising and this change will encourage those who were hesitant continue to reach their audience through mobile searches. Part of this release also features additional targeting and reporting options that will allow CMI to better optimize for performance.

Recommendation: Over the next few months this new feature will be rolled out to all AdWords Advertisers. CMI is working alongside Google to transition all of our clients over to the new targeting features. Because bidding is combined across all three device segments, CMI is developing new bidding strategies to drive the most relevant, quality traffic to our clients’ sites.

Industry best practices and CMI’s current approach to managing AdWords accounts features separating campaigns by device. This enables our clients to deliver specific messaging that is custom fitted to the device a user is searching on. Enhanced campaigns will no longer allow CMI to implement this best practice and will require our search team to restructure and optimize the current campaigns we have running for our clients.

We recommend that all clients with concerns about this contact their account lead for a consultation with our search team experts.