Google Dynamic Sitelinks-an important message to pharma

Late yesterday afternoon, Google announced the roll out of Dynamic Sitelinks. If you are not familiar with sitelinks, these are additional links that appear beneath your paid search ad.

The area highlighted in red in the below screen shot is an example of sitelinks:

For pharma advertisers, this is potentially a big deal. Since sitelinks are part of an ad, they must be reviewed by legal and regulatory teams prior to going live. With Google now creating these automatically, sitelinks not approved could potentially be shown to searchers on Google.

CMI/Compas was able to confirm through our relationship with Google that pharma advertisers were exempt from this update. But as a best practice, we recommend having your paid search agency submit your accounts though the opt out form. All CMI/Compas paid search accounts have been submitted via the opt out form.

If you have any specific questions, please reach out to your SEM Manager at CMI/Compas or contact Justin Freid at