Email Marketing to Healthcare Professionals


Over the past five years we have conducted countless primary market research studies and one thing has become abundantly clear –virtually all healthcare professionals (HCPs) want to receive pharmaceutical product information via e-mail.  While there has been a considerable shift to digital consumption and concomitant innovative media advertising to HCPs, the tactical usage of e-mail has lagged.  In short, e-mail is highly preferred by HCPs but under-utilized by pharmaceutical companies.

Industry Implications:

Pharmaceutical companies need to have a robust e-mail strategy to not only engage with HCPs, but also build a lasting relationship.

E-Mail is unique in that it is a two-way channel.  It gives brands and marketers the opportunity to learn about HCP needs and also fulfill those needs, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.  It is a key component of a customer-centric marketing approach

Delivering key content through email is relatively inexpensive and preferred by HCPs.  Unlike direct mail, marketers have the ability to test a variety of components to ensure that the content is in line with physician needs. 


E-Mail marketing strategy needs to be divided into two parts – content delivery and relationship management.  Both parts need to work together in order to be effective in this channel.

The subject line needs to be optimized after robust testing.  In addition, the calls to action within the email need to be heavily tested (wording and placement) so that customers have a clear path toward engaging with content and ultimately becoming a registered subscriber to future emails.

Building a relationship with HCPs starts with relevant content delivery, but it can’t stop there.  Once someone has registered and opted to engage with a brand, it is up to marketers to nurture that relationship.  That means being attuned to needs and delivering content that is mutually beneficial to the sending and providing parties.  An email address is a valuable and fragile asset.  Every email send needs to be closely monitored, essentially gauging customer reaction.  The learning from a send is just as important as the content.