LEADERS in Healthcare Media


CMI is the leading media resource for the world’s top healthcare companies. By bringing together the best technology, data, and people in the industry we deliver unmatched business results for our clients. Precision, Performance, and Personalization is our methodology and guides our channel agnostic approach to identifying, engaging, and influencing target audiences. With 30+ successful years in marketing strategies for healthcare services, and a dynamic team whose combined experience ranges from healthcare brand management to medical publishing, we know how audiences consume information to achieve healthier outcomes, and we use that knowledge to guide our clients toward better relationships with their ideal audiences. We take pride in serving the health, wellness, and pharmaceutical industries and extend our service-oriented values throughout the company. We support philanthropic efforts that benefit healthier outcomes and encourage learning and innovation among our employees.

CMI exists to help leading organizations that are dedicated to improving the health of our society achieve their business goals by creating experiences that inform, educate, and stimulate behaviors that improve quality of life.


Stan Woodland

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Susan Dorfman

President, CMI Media

John Donovan

President, Compas

Jim Woodland

Chief Strategy and Financial Officer

Eugene Lee

Chief Operating Officer

Nicole Woodland – De Van

Chief Organizational Effectiveness Officer

Justin Freid

Chief Growth & Innovation Officer

Melissa Barnhart

EVP, Group Client Director

Johanna Tompetrini

EVP, Group Client Director

Becky Frederick

EVP, Client Finance

Paul Kallukaran

EVP, Performance Analytics and Data Science

Nancy Logue

Senior Vice President, People Operations

Michelle Potts

SVP, Buying Services and Deliverables

Glenn Forde

EVP, Group Client Director